The Asquiths of Morley ~ A One-Name Study

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a genealogical site dedicated to the sharing of information on Asquiths and some close cousins from West Yorkshire generally, and more specifically those originating as Austwicks in and near the town of Morley about 1500.  The information accessible from this site is based on a One-Name Study of Asquiths and closely related cousins with other surnames.

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To find out, go to the marriage indices, and see if you can find a familiar paring.  If you find a familiar couple, get the chart number and the Decimal ID for that couple that is given in the index, and contact us at the e-mail address below with that information and any questions you may have. If you don’t find a familiar couple, and still have questions, please contact us anyway.

What to Expect

The One-Name Study on which this site relies is comprised of a series of linked charts covering the area generally between and including Leeds and Bradford on the north and Huddersfield and Wakefield on the south in West Yorkshire during the period from approximately 1500 to 1900.  The charts are presented in PDF format, and one moves from chart to chart in time and location via Acrobat navigation.  Documentation for each chart, maps, and information about places is accessible from each chart.  Approximately 1500 Asquith families and those of close cousins are included as well as about 400 families of the author’s spousal branches.  The general configuration of the One-Name Study is shown by the Map of Family Groups (see links below).

Marriage Indices
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Map of Family Groups
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